Transchem Shipping is a freight forwarding company specializing in chemical transportation.

Our strong reputation in the Egyptian market allows us to handle all types of global chemical transport.

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We offer complete logistics solutions for the chemical sector. Our success is measured by our ability to provide outstanding immediate support throughout our offices in Cairo and Alexandria. We provide a variety of methods for the safe shipment of different materials, including ISO tank containers and Flexitanks tailored to the client's needs and the product's nature.

Our Services

We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience.

ISO Tanks

An ISO Tank is a tank container which is built according to the ISO standards (International Organisation for Standardisation), so it is suitable for intermodal transport. ISO tanks are designed to transport and store liquids, both hazardous and non-hazardous.


Freight Forwarding

International freight forwarding is an important service that facilitates the smooth movement of goods across borders. It involves coordinating and managing various logistics activities, including transportation, customs clearance, documentation, and compliance.


Custom Clearance

Transchem offers full customs clearance services including import and export security files, compliance management, any necessary changes to your customs entry or declaration after the clearing procedure, determining if your items qualify for a duty refund program and recovering these funds.


Flexi Tanks

A Flexitank is a type of bulk liquid pouch or bag that allows shippers to fill dry containers with a massive amount of liquids. Holding up to 24,000 liters a bag, Flexitanks are constructed using multiple layers of flexible yet durable plastic film to store liquid contents safely.


Sea Freight

Transchem has been providing various ocean transport options for time-definite, ocean delivery to all major sites worldwide since 2009. We can negotiate long-term deals with major ocean carriers because of our global shipping strength, ensuring that you obtain reasonable pricing as well as scheduling flexibility.


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