Who we are?

Transchem Is a privately owned chemicals and liquids transporter and freight forwarding company. We are considered a worldwide non-exclusive freight forwarding company with a strong reputable position in the Egyptian Market allowing it to carry out all the chemical transports,. Forwarding, custom clearance, packing and transportation for a number of petrochemical and liquids projects. We create value for clients by providing full transportation and network optimization management services. Combining these resources with logistics expertise and experience to provide efficient fleet management services drives measurable results to our clients.

Our Objectives !

Transchem objective is to provide shippers with the right solutions to meet their diverse supply chain requirements. You will benefit from the flexibility of our network as we take care of each and every one of your needs.

How can we serve
your business?

We are one of the few companies working professionally with Flexi tanks and IBCs in Egypt to different ports around the world.

Transchem is a single-source distribution provider that delivers solutions covering all facets of the shipping and distribution process.

Transchem offers full shipment level visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Our service ensures that you know where your shipments are every step from origin to destination.